Machine Quilting Service

We quilt using a Handiquilter Avanté longarm machine with Prostitcher, a computerised quilting machine.  Free hand guided quilting is also available, depending on your requirements.

You can  view/download PDF file Machine Quilting Service.

Fee Schedule

Edge to Edge Quilting

Prices vary according to size and density of quilting design.  Price per square foot.

Low Density – $3.25
Medium Density – $3.50
High Density – $3.75

Border to Border

Continuous rows of quilting repeated inside the border perimeter with separate border quilting applied.

The quilt will be removed from the frame, turned and reloaded to complete the two side borders.

From $4.50 per square foot + $20 turning fee

Edge-to-Edge with No-Sew Areas

Continuous rows of quilting repeated across the quilt with some blocks or panels unquilted.  Extra quilting is applied to the no-sew areas.

From $5.50 per square foot

Custom Quilting

Available for small quilts only.  Either computerised designs or freehand quilting, e.g. meandering, stippling, on backgrounds, with featured designs on  sashings, blocks and borders.

From $7.50 per square foot + $20 turning fee if applicable

Setting Up / Loading Fee

Preparation of Quilt Top ie. pressing, minimal trimming to square backing and loading quilt on frame, trimming of quilt after quilting.



Stitching of supplied binding to the quilt.



We use Rasant, King Tut or Wonderfil threads, depending on colours available and/or your preference.  Thread cost is included in the quilting cost.  There is a surcharge for variegated threads.
Under 25 sq.ft.     $5.00
25-50 sq. ft.       $7.50
>50 sq. ft.     $10.00


Backing and Wadding:

We prefer that you purchase your backing and wadding from Sew Patch n Quilt.  We use Matilda’s Own 100% Cotton or Matilda’s Own 60% Wool/40%Polyester.  We cannot guarantee the quality of the result if other waddings are used.  Be wary of very cheap waddings…these generally do not quilt well, often stretch during the quilting process and feel uneven in the quilt once quilting is completed.

We offer a wide range of backing fabrics for your convenience.


 Quilt Preparation:

  • For best results, ensure that care is taken to press seams correctly during piecing. Seams need to be pressed flat.
  • Ensure all seams are secure. We cannot repair seams during the quilting process.
  • If the pieced work extends right out to the edge of the finished quilt top, e.g. pieced borders, please run a row of stay stitching approximately 1/8” in from the edge all the way around the quilt. This will secure the seams and prevent them unravelling during the quilting process.
  • Trim any fraying or stray threads from the seam allowances.
  • Press the quilt top thoroughly before delivery. Take care not to stretch or distort your quilt when pressing.   Your quilt will be pressed lightly to smooth out wrinkles from being folded before being loaded onto the frame.
  • Attach a safety pin to the top of the quilt to ensure your quilt is loaded correctly on the frame.
  • Please understand that “puckers” or excess fabric within the quilt cannot be quilted out, and tucks may occur when quilting in this instance. This is unavoidable, but all efforts will be made to minimise tucks and pleats.


  • Care must be taken when attaching borders. Incorrect measurement and attachment of border fabric will result in wavy borders, tucks and pleats, which cannot be quilted out.
  • See Guide to Attaching Borders for more information on how to apply borders.


  • The backing needs to be at least 4”- 6” longer and wider than the quilt top. This provides the additional fabric required for pinning the backing onto the frame.
  • Ensure that your backing is square.
  • If piecing your backing, remove selvedges, use a shorter stitch length and use a ½” seam. Press your seams open.
  • If more than one full width of fabric is required, it is preferable to cut the additional fabric into two pieces, and make two seams on either side of the central panel, rather than piecing the backing down the centre of the quilt.
  • Press your backing well before delivery.

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